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To sensitize the personnel working in the field of disabilities towards the needs and aspirations of the differently abled. To provide special educators to institutions working in the field of disability.

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Department of Special Education
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Admission Notification 2015-16
B.Ed.(SEDE) Entrance Exam Result 2015-16
B.Ed. Spl.Ed. 2nd Councling Notification        Date of Counsling 28th March 2016 to 12th April 2016 (Working Days Only)
B.Ed. Spl.Ed. Merit List                          Date of Counsling 29th February 2016 to 15th March 2016
Instruction                                      Instruction for the Candidates
B.Ed.(SEDE) 2015-17
Term End Exam Time Table (Old Syllabus)
Updated B.Ed.(SEDE) Term End Exam Time Table (New Syllabus Batch 2015)
Information Regarding B.Ed.(SEDE) Contact Class
B.Ed.(SEDE) Contact Class Time Table
B.Ed.(SEDE) List of Enrolled Candidates
Download Programme Guide B.Ed. (SE-DE) Syllabus for Entrance Exam Candidate Instruction for Entrance Exam(B.Ed.Spl. Ed.)
General Information for B.Ed. (SE-DE) Programme
Application format for issuing Provisional/Convocational Degree Certificate
Foundation Course (SE-DE) in Special Education 2015-16
Time Table For FC (SE-DE)
Instruction For FC (SE-DE)
Download Programme Guide FC (SE-DE)
General Information for FC (SE-DE) Programme
Application Format for issuing Provisional/Convocational Degree Certificate
Mark List Formats for Term End Practical Examination
Norms of Expenditure at a Study Centre
FC-LD (SEDE) 2015-16
Download Programme Guide FC-LD (SE-DE)
General Information for FC-LD (SE-DE) Programme
DCBR (SEDE) 2015-16
Download Programme Guide DCBR (SE-DE)
General Information for DCBR (SE-DE) Programme
PGDCBR (SEDE) 2015-16
Download Programme Guide PGDCBR (SE-DE)
General Information for PGDCBR (SE-DE) Programme
PGPC (SEDE) (On Hold)
PGPD (SEDE) (On Hold)