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Institute of Information Technology

During the past decade, Information Technology (IT) has become increasingly important with its impact in almost all the areas of development. Keeping in view, the university established an Institute of Information Technology to promote and introduce IT courses for the benefit of students for jobs and skills / Professional / Knowledge upgradation.

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Major Achievements

  • Developed latest curriculum for several IT courses
  • Got developed study materials for several IT courses
  • Organized training programmes for faculty and staff of the university / colleges.
  • Proposal to organize a national conference in application of IT
  • Submitted Research Project for 6.00 lacs for support from DEC.
  • Registered 2 Ph.D. Scholars.
  • Revival of the Headstart Project Launch of GyanVahini a set of Intranet based projects.
  • Launch of GyanSanchar a set of Internet based projects.
  • Launch of IT-Gyan for training the staff and faculty of MPBOU in the State of M.P. and Chattisgarh.