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The mission of our programmes is to provide professional skill to the students who are interested in carving out cariers in the field of Heritage management, Museums, conservation work, preservation of antiquities projects, structural conservation, archaeological historical and cultural journalism.

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Major Achievements
Award of D'Litt
from Barkatullah University, Bhopal to Dr. Susmita Pandey on A study of the Vaishnava Puranas with reference to the development of Bhakti and its Impact on Society, Religion and Art of Northern India (4-12 Cen. A.D.) 

Research Publications
Vaisnavism and Saivism for Vol. of PHIS PC Ed. Dr. G.C. Pande 2005
2.  Completion of research project on the religion and phelosophy in the Puranas IIAS, Simla 2004
3.  Reflections on New Trends in the Interpretation of the Art of Bharut and Sanchi, 2004
4.  Sanchi and Bharhut Vol. On Indian Art ed. by Prof. RN Mishra 2004 (under publication)
5.  The Pancaratra Cult in the Santiparvan of the Mahabharata. Indian Institute of Advanced Study, 2004
Therapeutic Value of Agricultural Produce and the Science of Nutrition in the Puranas, Vol.of PHISPC Ed. by 
     Prof. V.C. Shrivastava, 2004
7.  Audio Video programme on the art of Udaipura and evolution of earth and man for the project of  DEC.
Writing and editing units for the course material of MPBOU.